Paint : Music

Jacob and Karen 1.jpg

A collaboration begun in 2015 between Jacob and visual artist Karen Mosbacher who lives and works in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Paint : Music is a visualization of select pieces from the classical canon, encompassing primarily chamber works for strings and piano. While the project includes many warhorses and treasured pieces from such composers as J.S. Bach, Johannes Brahms, Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Mozart, and Robert Schumann, Jacob and Karen are also looking to highlight lesser known works, including those from Rebecca Clark, Erich Korngold, Clara Schumann, George Rochburg and living composer Caroline Shaw.

As the scope of chamber music is vast, the collaborators are critically selecting works that they feel best represent the world of classical music as a whole. They are attempting to, quite literally, paint a picture of chamber music from Bach to the present.


Paint : Music premiered at Studio Querencia in January 2019, featuring a solo recital given by Jacob, while surrounded by project works by Karen. Their collaboration continues, exploring other reaches of the classical repertoire. New works will be shown in July 2021 at Colorado Square in Colorado Springs, Colorado.